Best Night Splints

Maybe your doctor suggested a night splint for your persistent heel pain, or your best friend told you it was the only thing that helped their plantar fasciitis.

But when you go to Google to search, you realize: there are many different types of night splints! So which one is the best? We’ve done a lot of work and due diligence, and consulted our team of doctors to find the best night splints for your unique situation. Read below to see a direct comparison between three popular styles.

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ImageProductOur TakeWhere to buy
Our Pick1
classic night splint
Original Night Splint

The Original Night Splint is a solid pick. Some people find it bulky, but it comes highly recommended by doctors.

Our Pick2
sock night splint
Sock Night Splint

A slightly more comfortable option, this model was designed by podiatrists.

Budget Pick3
foot wearing dorsal night splint
Dorsal Night Splint

This model is comfier and less bulky than regular night splints but may not provide enough tension for some people.

How to find the best night splints

There are a variety of night splints available for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Aside from orthotic inserts, night splints have been recommended by doctors more than any other product or treatment out there.

Cost of night splints

Plan on budgeting $25-$50 for a single night splint, or $50-$100 for a pair. And note — most night splints are sold individually. Most insurance won’t directly cover the cost of a night splint, but some types of insurance will reimburse you. You might also be able to use your HSA to purchase a night splint, even on Amazon.

Comfort vs. effectiveness of night splints

Unfortunately, when it comes to night splints, there is often a tradeoff between comfort and effectiveness. Meaning, the more comfortable night splints tend to provide a gentler stretch, which might not help your heel pain as much as a more aggressive stretch that is less comfortable to wear.

How to put on a night splint

Boot night splints can be tricky to put on, which is one reason we often recommend alternatives like the Sock Night Splint. Watch the video below to see the difference: